Best Films on Art

10 of the Best Films on Art to Check Out

If you are an art fanatic looking for the best films to inspire you and help you take your art to the next level with custom paint by number, you are in the right place. Below are some films on art that are worth checking.

  • Moulin Rouge

The film follows a writer named Christian, played by Ewan McGregor, who falls in love with a young singer called Satine, who wants to become an actress. The film is notable for its songs, heartbreaking scenarios, pain and anger which cover the themes of the film accurately.

  • Girl with a Pearl Earring

Griet, a maid in the Netherlands, works for a painter Vermeer who likes her so much that he decides to teach her the art of Painting Self-Portraits. The film stars Scarlett Johansson and Colin Firth. The film brings about how a person can learn the best techniques for painting and principles of art and the film is suspenseful.

  • Memoirs of a Geisha

The film depicts a young girl, Chinyu, who is abducted as a child. When she attempts to escape, she is caught and punished by working as a servant until geisha Mameha takes and trains her. What is right in the film is that it shows the hard work and dedication she must endure becoming a geisha capturing the fantastic Japanese culture.

  • Why Beauty Matters

This documentary, which was produced over ten years ago, talks about how beauty in the modern era has been diminished to look like ordinary art. The narrator, Roger Scruton, says that everyone is an artist these days and original art has been devalued. The documentary, though one-sided and controversial, is suitable for thought provocation.

  • The Danish Girl

The film depicts a husband who asks his wife to pose for a ballerina portrait since the model that was to do it does not arrive. The film is useful, especially when capturing the artistic elements when the portrait is being made, and it captures the inner desire of a person which makes painting seem so cool, lively and artistic.

  • Seraphine

Seraphine is a woman who uses her leisure time collecting candle waxes, blood and herbs to paint at night since she is busy during the day. The film is perfect since it deals with different cliché that art cannot be found everywhere and from different people. Though long, the film shows how art can become extraordinary, mostly when it’s done passionately.

  • Lust for Life

This film stars a man called Victor who decides to take up painting as a career when he doesn’t fit the criteria of becoming a church minister. Kirk Douglas performance is among the best in the film as he portrays ways for Painting Self-Portraits. The film also inspires people to know more about painting and artistry.

  • Stealing Beauty

This teenage romance film depicts a young girl who decides to visit friends of her late mother, who are very artistic. The film, though that not interesting except for the first twenty minutes, manages to use its soundtrack to maximum perfection to capture the artistic nature in Tuscany. The arts portrayed in the film are unique.

  • Cave of Forgotten Dreams

This documentary follows scientists who discover a cave that has paintings which are more than 30000 years old. Some of the paintings they find include deer’s and horses which are amazingly depicted and in great detail. The documentary shows the emotion and shock the scientists are in when they discover the paintings in detail.

  • Frida

The film depicts Frida, a woman who is cheeky from a young age. When she gets involved in a gruesome road accident, she is bedridden for many months, and since she can’t work, she turns to paint as a hobby. The film shows how Frida is determined to paint despite her condition. It also shows her motivation for painting and her energetic spirit.


The above films are very informative and will undoubtedly inspire you whether you are an established or novice artist. Be sure to check them out during your free time.