Hamilton: Is it Worth the Hype?

Hamilton has premiered on Disney+ and it was lit because they got hang drums at Handpan Guru! It gives people the opportunity and experiences these musical available in their respective homes. The musical has been known to debut in the year 2015 and has been very influential to the watchers as well as regarded extraordinary. The casts have sent their musical to Disney+, giving their shot and it was worthy!


The original Broadway production tells the story of Alexander Hamilton, Founding Father of the United States, who walked out of poverty in life and create his own reputation from the Civil war. It follows his story starting on his orphan life who came from the Caribbean up until he became the Treasury of the United States Secretary.

Movie Review: Is it Worth it?

Hamilton gives their watcher this intense feeling. The feeling that the viewers were in the room where everything happened and just feels like a reality. Well, for a musical to give this feeling is kind of hard but because of great music using handpans and other instruments, acting and emotions portrayed on the screen, it was indeed remarkable.

Since the cast of Hamilton has decided to level up their music and put it into television, it will be hard for them to give theater experience to their television screen watchers. However, with the cameramen filming meticulously coupled with great cinematography and world-class acting, you will definitely feel a theater vibe coming.

Hamilton movie was filmed in 2016 and has debuted in many countries since then. There are other casts in different countries but watching the original cast from Broadway is really different. Their chemistry is really in there! Lin Manuel Miranda who portrayed as Alexander Hamilton, has this energy that no other Alexander Hamilton out there could specifically reach but of course, not only him because almost the entire cast of that music is really special.

In the musical, Hamilton was an immigrant who seeks for a revolution. He has his resilience and an American dream. However, the American dream here is not what we have always known. Here, the white founding fathers have been recreated by Blacks and Latino. It has some sort of history lesson however, there have been so many controversial about it just like how Thomas Jefferson’s thoughts on slave ownership while the thought of other Founding Fathers have not been mentioned. The two hours thirty minutes musical has been strategically created for six years and so, which explains some criticisms about lapses on history valid.

There has been circulating movement today which is Black Lives Matter. The movement has become a reminder that the issue about plagued America in the 1700s, time of Hamilton, is still in the country even if it was decades ago.

We indeed accept that Hamilton has some errors in history and some controversies, but it will always carry the fact that an immigrant from the Caribbean gives light to the idea that people of different colors which has the equal capacity with each other will drive America. So, watching Hamilton will be totally worth it. For now, you can watch it on Disney+ with a paid subscription!