Rebuilding Paradise

On November 8 two years ago, raging fires started and consumed homes, and businesses in California. In this film directed by Ron Howard, he combines cellphone images, various documentaries, and various news sources to deliver on the film. It’s produced by the National Geographic and depicts a moving story of what happened during the raging fires. The film begins by showing the fires destroying the forests, buildings, businesses, and homes as citizens flee, and government officials trying to help. When things finally settle down, we get a sense of what has happened to people’s emotions. The helpers and survivors are treated as the present-tense landscape. They experience the effects of the raging fires firsthand.

The documentary film uses narration to its full effect, and an effective explanation when explaining its narration. What’s a bit annoying is the recurring role of different characters such as government officials being identified by their jobs. The imagery of the raging fires and tearful faces takes the film to an inspiring conclusion when an officer recalls a woman he encountered by the roadside in an emotional sequence. The film is a true masterpiece.