Most Wanted

Directed and written by Daniel Roby, Most Wanted is a film that tells two different stories at the same in a twisted way. Drugs, police, journalism, and even forms of betrayal depict the film, which was shot in Thailand and Canada. Harnett is a young vibrant man who is a journalist on TV. When giving an interview, his beeper vibrates and decides to know what’s going on. It’s revealed that his wife Anna has just given birth to their baby without him being present. We get the impression that Harnett is experiencing domestic issues with his wife. He is also known for manipulating people in getting what he wants, and after that leaves them for dead.

Ledger is also a drug addict and a street criminal who becomes involved in an illegal government scheme involving bankruptcy. When the plan goes south, the officials involved beginning a scheme that will make Ledger take the fall saving them. Ledger’s character, played by Olivier Pilon, saves the film in most parts as his performance is highly acclaimed. The film fails to deliver in terms of dramatization, and its stars not delivering as required, making it a below-average film.