Misbehaving Often Is Good: Marjane Satrapi View on Radioactive

Iranian born and French artist, Marjane Satrapi is a filmmaker and novelist who continues to reinvent herself through narrative. When she was being interviewed regarding her film Radioactive, Satrapi said that it was good portraying the character of Marie Currie and that she had not found a film collaborator with whom she shared a common goal in filmmaking. She said that scientific accuracy is factual while in artistry, it’s very subjective to many people. She described her relationship with Victor Paronnaud, a frequent collaborator, is difficult. Their relationship was good since they had worked on two films together, but it became challenging because they did not share the same vision.

Satrapi said that she had to make the invisible visible while filming Radioactive, and she described the visuals whereby the atoms in chemicals had to become visible in the future. She indicated that she did a lot of research to play Marie Currie to perfection in her role. On a personal level, she indicated that Marie Currie influenced her on how she relates today with people. She was very smart, industrious, and well behaved. She indicated that although she behaved, she had to misbehave for her to achieve her dream of becoming one of the best actresses today in the film industry.