She Dies Tomorrow

The film, directed by Amy Seimetz, depicts a young girl called Amy, as she blinks uncontrollably at the camera. The viewer is left wondering what she is witnessing. She wonders through the house when drunk, and scared. It’s revealed that her friend Jane is completely annoyed with her relapse attacks. Amy is crawling on the dirt outside and reveals to Jane she is about to die the next day. Jane is shocked, and later experiences fear. She crashes a birthday party of her brother Jason. Amy’s fear of death is passed on to Jane, then to Jason, her wife Susan, and their two friendly guests, Tunde, and Jennifer.

Fear is depicted throughout the film as the audience is left wondering what is going on. The sense of doom that is shown throughout the film is very overwhelming, making the film look like a horror movie. The acting of the stars is perfect, particularly Kate Sheil who portrays Amy. If one is to die tomorrow, what would be done? The movie particularly delivers in terms of suspense, and its horrific graphics.