The World We Are Living In: Actor Dave Franco on The Rental

The Rental by Dave Franco is disturbing right from the start because it plays with our sense of security, in terms of Airbnb and When being interviewed, Dave Franco, the man who directed The Rental, said that people initially thought that he could not direct the film.

He is known for his comedy shows but decided to make his debut directing a horror film. He said that the elements of horror making inspired him in making the film. He involved Sean Durkin as an executive producer of the film, and he ended up helping him make the movie more engrossing.

In the first half of the film, he indicated that he wanted to incorporate elements of character, and relationship. Similar to modern relationships today, Franco indicated that many people experience terrible thoughts after a breakup, and he decided to use the theme in making the horror movie.

Privacy is also incorporated in the film, and Franco indicated that he does not use social media since he thinks that someone may be listening to his conversations. He said that the horror movie was very exciting to make, and hopes that people will enjoy the film and its subsequent themes. He also said the title of the film came about when writing numerous drafts of different movies.